Why ECommerce Mobile App is Better Than Mobile Website?

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Smartphones and tablets are taken over the desktop usage. The reality with the smartphone is we overwhelmed by the social media, catching up feeds and daily news. By looking at addiction of mobile phones companies are not just thinking about ” Mobile First ” or “Social Media Adoption” concept, but retailers are rethinking upon existing social media strategies for their business.

Customers no longer stick to the PCs. For retailers, multi-platform use in retail continues to grow significantly more than in other verticals. This shift forced giant companies to rethink about the existing strategies and implement.

If you are planning for mobile marketing strategies or already have your previous business plan. You need to rethink upon the mobile marketing strategies. Because, no one wants to lose their prospective market share and profit ratio. First, understand the difference between the mobile app and mobile website.

What is Mobile App and Mobile Website?

At first, glance both look similar in phones but they are totally different from each other.

Mobile Web Sites are Web Pages designed for the mobile screen. The HTML pages are accessed over the internet in your smartphones for particular web site.

Mobile Applications are not Web pages. They are software which can be downloaded in your mobile phones and tablets. It runs on your mobile operating system with mobile optimization.

Further, the blog has outline about the pros and cons of mobile app and mobile websites. Also, it will also inform you about, what are the reasons to have retail mobile app for your business.

  1. Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are now the default choice of the customers. Major traffic is coming through mobile. Users can use feel and share, it’s about developing more comfort in shopping via the mobile phones and tablets.

  • Advantages:

– To increase User Experience: User need to download the application. And, they can have faster access from mobile screen. Applications are more interactive and brand extension for companies. Customers can have direct communication and use the offers.

• Personalized discounts as per previous buying history

• Customized product suggestions

• Use more features like QR code scanner and text massaging

– Convenient to reach customers: Applications comes with real time updates. Like, customers to the nearest locations, availability of product, discounts and offers, and you don’t need to serf for that. The customer can share your product on various online platforms while buying. Integration with social makes your business work smarter and gives you better insight about the target market.

– Customer Analytics:  Retail business needs deep understanding of customer behavior on mobile app. Mobile app offers analytical software that allows you to get detailed data of your customer. Companies can analyze customer behavior and offer the exact requirement. From the business point of view to keep customer data help them to offer product according to market and attract more customers.

  • Disadvantages:

– Share your Profit:  When you launch paid app or free app you have to give pie to the store from your profit. Revenue sharing is not harmful for apps but, to use the platform you have to pay them.

– Addition in Marketing:  Applications is extension to the brand, to present in market you need to make strategies. Promotional activities encourage people to download and use the app. Moreover, you need to educate people about use and features of that app. It consumes the lot of additional time of marketing.

– Data Fetching:  App offer high security features. Fetching data and analyze the matrix can be a complex process in starting stage. You need to take care of more security and detailed analysis. That can be a drawback because it takes more time than you have decided.

2. Mobile Web:

Mobile Web is browser-based way of accessing content unlike other web sites it was designed for mobile phones. Any eCommerce business need to have Mobile –Friendly and scale to any size and device from desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Advantages

– SEO Friendly: Mobile Web pages optimization gave high rank on the search engine for websites. So, the potential customer will find your mobile website using any one of the mobile search tools they might be using.

– Colossal Customer base: App users are high in demand but still there are number of users prefer to shop from the web sites in phone. Customers are not highly interested in loyalty program. They buy what they see first. SEO mobile web pages cater huge market for retailor it allow to reach border customer base.

– Maintenance: Websites also cost-effective way to upgrade your presence online. Compared to mobile apps, which require downloading of every single update, responsive/mobile websites let you change the content or design and use it with efficiently and flexibly.

  • Disadvantages

– Offline Access: Mobile web pages are working online through browsers. Without, the internet connection no one can assess to the websites. Few web pages are still getting loads in offline mode. You need to wait until you’re online again to view a fresh copy of the website, there’s always the dinosaur game to pass the time.

– Single-Window restriction: Web pages experience are different from the desktop experience. You cannot apply same UI/UX design it will harm your online presence. Mobile sites it’s often impossible to fit everything onto one page.

– Delivery of user need: Users can open the site in the mobile phones or the desktop. But It was not easy to provide the same features on both screens. i.e. Cameras, GPS, phone calling, features are not integrated into responsive/mobile websites. Even though APIs and libraries aimed to help solve these issues have been appearing lately.

Why application Make more sense for your retail business?

The majority of consumers are often accessed in multi-screening, accessing sites on mobile or desktop. So, consistent experiences across device need to deploy. Despite of the fact that web surfing is popular, the app is still being the first choice for consumers.

1. For Personalized Recommendations: For every targeted user it was easy to purchase anything from the app. Applications analyze the previous search history and show recommendation of the same products. Their show features like bought this also bought, bestseller, recently views, cart recommendations and hand pick products to buy.

2. Easy process: When you shop through the app, the path is defined. Choose the product you like, add to cart and pay online. Online wallets and link with bank accounts make it easy to pay and get the product at door steps. So, consumer spent higher money on mobile apps for shopping.

3. Responsiveness: Mobile app load pages faster than the web browsers. Responsiveness in applications are higher. It was easy to navigate the products list and access to details. Switching time is fast and pages load faster in the mobile app.

4. Increase in sales: When a customer has an app in phones they make use of it. Users are not always purchasing by intention, in the free time they access the app and make prompt purchase of the product.

5. User friendly: Applications provides easy integration with GPS, social media, and provide cross functionality. In comparison, of web, the app has more features and ease of use for Business.

Wrap Up:

To the retail owner who wants to develop the online presence or extend the business, the question will remain same for them as ” Mobile v/s App”. But, while making investment you need to make sure that your investment gets high returns. If your goal is to develop communication between your customer then Mobile Web can be a right choice. However, Mobile app is creating a long-term relationship between customer and company. Plenty of organizations make both for the business. Competition is endless, send out by developing the right app by right tool.

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