Top 5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Retail Business Need Go To Mobile

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The world is in your hand now; did you know that 62.9% population in the world owns the mobile phones. Moreover, globally 3.7 billion unique users are registered this year. In short, business can catch huge market by creating Mobile app.

When it comes to retail business, sure your business wants higher customer retention, scalable business and a brand which can recognize by everyone in the market. Also, the research says 80% of the US customers has at list 1 Retail Shopping app on their phone.

Your customers already have used the Retail Mobile app. Your business needs to catch that potential customer attention, if you want to ahead in the competition, don’t let your competitors hit the customer screen before you do it.

Your business need to carve own way to success. E-Commerce business is fastest growing on the Shopify. It already helps lots of business to evolve in the market. Shopify stores has number of successful example like Taylor Stitch, Bremont, Whipping Post, Watch Outfitter we can go on and on with list. Already commanding 37% of the ecommerce market, latest projections — compiled by Sellbrite.

Retail App Features:

This app facilities the process, store experience in mobile app. By giving real time interaction with customer and easy navigation. Here, are some features which definitely help customer to buy more from your app.

  • Search Bar:
    Product navigator will help to get the exact product they want. study says over 83% customers believe search box is “Important” or “extremely important”. For, them while shopping on retails app or mobile sites.

Your mobile app should have personalized search bar to find the product. This also depend on your target customer behavior for buy.

  • QR Code or OTP:
    If the Login process is easy for your app, customers will use your app again. No one wants to spend time on creating the profile.

If you have an OTP system one text and your work done. With a QR code scanner customer enters the store scan the code and shop the product. It was easy to get all the store details like product details, new arrivals, discounts and offers.

  • Mobile Payments:
    Prediction says by 2025, 75% of all transactions will be done without cash. The Popularity of mobile app has a lot of impact on online sales. Easy payment attracts more customer.

Various wallet options make our life easier. Banking and online transaction allow us to do transact wherever we want.

  • Localized services:
    Localized services help to fulfill the exact need of what they want. Personalized offers based on the previous search result, buying behavior and Flow of common demand help to give customers what they want.

Localized services maintain relationships and develop a stronger bond with the brand. This helps for faster services and increase customer base.

What will be the road to reach your customers?

Developing a mobile app is like launch business again online. You need to go develop proper strategies and base for perfect execution. For perfect results you need to choose the right developer. There are two ways you can develop the mobile app.

• Outsourcing
• In-house developer

– Outsourcing:
You can hire agencies or freelancer for coding. It sounds great!! to hire outsourcing, where you need to pay and explain the service provider and get your work done. But before that you need to assess them all with the skills and experience of working. The need is to know are they all fit in your business or not! At the end you don’t need to dig in for technicality for app development.

– In-house developer:
You might decide to do develop app by yourself. you might have experienced development team on board, it can be a clumsy process. For every single part you need to have an expert IT team to develop, design, coding and test the app. Also, your team needs to pay on time, taxes and development tools. This can be a huge task for a person.

Whether it is in-house or outsourced development, it depends on your need and In-house can be costly and limiting, while outsourcing can bring up communication challenges.

So, which path will you choose to start the business online depend on your need. You have to take this choice very seriously as it will impact cost, duration and quality of your project.

What is the basic assessment you need to do in your business area?
Your business has a clear target audience to deal with because, according to stastica 20% people buy products online on a weekly basis. Customers are internet savvy, they spent their time on searching the products, reading the reviews and purchase with the best deal.

• Business needs to be ready for right display of what they offer?
• Why they are different from market?
• What is the goal to achieve on online platform?
• What are the products you will sale in mobile application? You need to define categories with every product.
• IOS, Android or Both? which platform will be your preference?
• Does your app have a progressive web design?
• Will your app work offline?

This answer will help you for clear vision and help to develop apps with accurate time and budget. Keep in mind that define project help to grow business faster than ever.

Evaluate the reasons for your retail business to go online:

As a business person, you will always take the calculated risk for every step. For, any retail store coming offline to online is huge task itself. But we need to flip the coin and see the other part of the story also. Let’s know more about reasons you must come online.

1. For cost effective expansion:
ECommerce is Global phenomenal. Developing your business store online, you only need to invest in domain name. It can become more pocket friendly when you develop your brand on Shopify and launch your app with Bizeazy. On your eCommerce store, you can increase the number of products you want and let you customize services as per requirement.

If you own retail clothing store and decide to launch the new range of jeans and jackets. You should not worry about the stock of the products. Click few pictures of products upload it to your online store. Expansion is possible without investing into the physical space. Less cost, more profit.

2. Build relationship with customers and potential customers:
For the immense growth of business, you need to shift from short-term connection to the long-term relationship. Whether your business if online or offline, you need to have a strategy for them, like taking feedback, giving discounts, personalized product updates etc. It keeps the customer engaging with your brand.

In mobile app It was incredibility easy for them to give feedback. When your mobile app has features like feedback, ratings, and communication system. Higher communication leads to higher retention rate of existing customer as well as a potential customer. i.e. if you’re creating a new product, you can get the opinions of your customers before the product launches.

3. Increase your customer base globally:
Global presence doesn’t need to go physically global. By creating multiple storefronts for locations or setting up full scale allow you to attract more visitors to your platform online. To get more customer base you need to prioritize the foreign markets and online advertising abroad.

Business needs to go beyond the boundaries. Online stores have exacted data for visitors and conversation rate out of that. So, you know which country has captures your business. For rapid growth in other countries you need to analyze the data of stores, according to that you can tap the potential customers with the right strategies.

4. To get ahead in competition:
Your online store will have advantage to showcase more than your local competitors. E-Commerce store can adopt the different pricing tools, offer the direct services and run your retail business on-line. You can highlight your USP (unique selling proposition) to offer excellent customer service.

To get ahead in the competition, you can offer, on-line product diversification, and attractive discounts on products. Mobile apps for retail businesses and other small enterprises are rare, and you can take advantage of this to move ahead in competition.

5. Easy business management:
As your business grows, the seemingly simple task of managing inventory across multiple locations becomes more difficult. Having an online mobile app for your business is no longer nice to have strategy, but also must for your retail business.

ECommerce app has facilities to manage all the real time data. You can update your inventory, track number of customers, details of your staff, and know your stock details. All you can do in your app. You can manage across all your locations, saving you valuable time.

You have seen how the app work, why you should have mobile app. The mobile app for business is trending in the market as well as the demand of the customer. Many small businesses already identified the potential market and make the move to develop an app for their retail business.

Shifting your business offline to online need skill set, practice and experienced people. Your retail business needs to create a strong strategic base for potential market. Global eCommerce is no more choice but a necessity for market. Hopefully this article helps you to identify full potential of your brand equity.

If you need to develop the app in 5 minutes without any developer, you can go with bizeazy. It will allow you to create eCommerce, mobile app with a fraction of the cost and without technical knowledge.

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